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Stabilizing agents

Stabilisation tartrique

A next-generation tartrate stabiliser to prevent potassium bitartrate precipitation


ANTARTIKA®V40 is a preparation based on a novel polymer (polyamino acid) recently authorised by the OIV (resolution Oeno 543/201).  It ensures stabilisation of wines with regard to tartrate precipitation of potassium bitartrate.


ANTARTIKA®V40 is a protective colloid that acts both on the formation of crystals (nucleation) and on the growth of microcrystals of potassium bitartrate present in the wine.

ANTARTIKA®V40 has no organoleptic effects.

ANTARTIKA®V40 has no impact on final filtration. However, it is strongly recommended to carry out a prior filterability test.

ANTARTIKA®V40 does not stabilise calcium tartrate.

Like metatartaric acid and CMC, ANTARTIKA®V40 can react with lysozyme.

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