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Tanins de vinification

TANIXEL is a pur chestnut-tree tannin (ellagic tanin) extracted with water.
TANIXEL is one of the most reactive tannins that react with the proteins. It is thus the ideal tannin for the fining and especially with gelatine (GELISOL) and it has an efficient action against the natural oxydases of the grape which are proteins (the tyrosinase and the laccase secreted by Botrytis cinerea).
TANIXEL can be added during the vinification but also during the breeding of red wines.
TANIXEL granular form avoids dust formation and facilitates dissolution.


  • For the vinification and the breeding of wines.
  • For the clarification and stabilization of musts and wines.
  • To protect colour thanks to the co-pigmentation phenomenon in red winemaking.