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The general principle of fining is based on the reaction between proteins in the fining agent, considered to be positively charged electrolytes at the pH of wine, and compounds in the wine with an excess of negative surface charges. This causes neutralisation of the charges, leading to the formation of agglomerates. These complexes are unstable in the presence of metal cations, resulting in flocculation. Since the agglomerates are more voluminous they settle more rapidly, leading to clarification of the wine or must


Ever since the mad cow disease crisis at the end of the 1990s, the demand for wines free of products of animal origin and allergens had been steadily growing. At that moment, MARTIN VIALATTE® launched a pioneering project to identify and develop alternatives to fining agents of animal origin.

MARTIN VIALATTE® guarantees GMO-free plant-based fining agents derived exclusively from pea proteins.

There is no such thing as a perfect or ideal fining agent; it is therefore essential to determine the primary objective of the fining process before selecting the product, and then its dose.

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Fining of musts

Collage non allergène


Specific combination of non-allergenic plant-based fining agents for optimised flotation of musts.