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Our History

Pairing more than 100 years of experience in the design of oenological products with renowned expertise in oenology contributes to the guaranteed success of wine producers worldwide who have chosen MARTIN VIALATTE’s oenological products.

In a few numbers


A century of expertise! We have been by your side for a 100 years, ensuring that we continue to live up to consumers’ expectations of oenology and evolve with the times.


Presence in more than 45 countries around the world.


MARTIN VIALATTE® works with a vast network of distributors across France and worldwide.


Established 15 years ago, the experimental cellar has become a cornerstone of the Innovation-Research-Development department. More than 1000 samples are analysed in August/September/October.

Satisfaction ratings you have given to Martin Vialatte: 8/10


Thank you for choosing us.
Because your satisfaction matters most, MARTIN VIALATTE endeavours to regularly obtain feedback from its clients. Every single day, we strive to keep improving and providing you with solutions that rise up to your needs and expectations. Keeping the lines of communication open with you on the field enables us to know you better and determine which areas we can improve on in order to become better versions of ourselves.

In brief...


Through our experienced team, and indirectly through our international distribution network, we offer you our expertise and know-how.


Our technical approach focuses on appropriate optimised diagnosis and recommendations of oenological products according to the various vinification and ageing processes used in making wine. Fostering information exchange and progress, it also contributes to the development of new products and services adapted to the needs of winemakers the world over.

Technical assistance

Transferring our knowledge and mastery of our oenological products is one of MARTIN VIALATTE®’s strong commitments. This commitment is put into practice thanks to two hands-on methods:
– Technical assistance
– Recommendations

Listening and responding to your needs

At MARTIN VIALATTE®, we pride ourselves on listening and responding to your needs. Our whole team, made up of over thirty oenologists and research engineers with an excellent knowledge of wines and winemaking, fosters and develops technical exchanges with wine producers.


Armed with our hands-on expertise and the results of research carried out by our Innovation, Research and Development department, MARTIN VIALATTE® offers you novel solutions to meet your specific needs.