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From 1922 to today

Our history

Since 1922, MARTIN VIALATTE® has been using its knowledge and know-how to meet the expectations and developments in oenology by relying on a team of oenologists.

At MARTIN VIALATTE®, every problem has a solution!

We accompany winemakers with a precise idea of oenology: to pass on the technical itineraries and methods that are the fruit of our experience and our “field” culture.

The innovation you need

Our areas of expertise

MV Oenological itineraries

Making terpenic wines

Enzymatic preparation to help extract the aromatic precursors of terpenes.
Yeast selected to enhance the aromatic expression of terpenic grape varieties.
A complex organic nutrient to promote the production of volatile compounds.

Microbiological stability

Preparation based on activated chitosan to prevent or reduce microbial contamination of musts.
Preparation based on activated chitosan to control the development of microorganisms responsible for organoleptic deviations in wines.
A fining product based on chitin-glucan and pea proteins that combines a clarifying effect with the elimination of off-flavours.

Production of rosé wines

Specific combination of non-allergenic plant-based fining agents for optimised flotation of musts.
Innovative and specific must fining product to limit the risk to limit the risk of degradation of thiols.
Yeast for the production of aromatic white and rosé wines.

What's new

News and trends

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