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OPEN PURE FRAÎCHEUR® is a preparation made up of specific yeast parietal polysaccharides from Saccharomyces cereviase yeast and vegetable polysaccharides (E414). OPEN PURE FRAÎCHEUR® acts as a protective colloid on wines by limiting tartaric and protein precipitation. In addition, it has a very positive effect on the organoleptic qualities of wines by bringing intensity and persistence. OPEN PURE FRAÎCHEUR® also adds roundness and helps to increase the aromatic freshness of the wine. On young wines, OPEN PURE FRAÎCHEUR® should be used to bring volume to the mouth while reinforcing the aromatic potential and varietal character of the wine. On wines that are sensitive to evolution, OPEN PURE FRAÎCHEUR® will bring roundness and aromatic freshness.


  • Limitation of tartaric and protein precipitation
  • Adds intensity, persistence and roundness
  • Accentuation of the aromatic potential and varietal character of the wine