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Yeasts products

Détachage efficace des moûts et vins blancs avec le charbon œnologique Anticromos, activé chimiquement pour une absorption maximale

Combination of yeast derivatives and specific pectolytic enzymes for the enhancement of the organoleptic characteristics of wines




NEO® AROMA is a synergetic combination of yeast derivatives and pectolytic with secondary activities glycosidase enzymes that helps to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of white and red wines.

The compounds released by the yeast derivatives (cell wall polysaccharides and polypeptides rich in antioxidants) make it possible to increase the volume of wines while strengthening their ability to be resistant to oxidation that is harmful to aromatic compounds.

The specific pectolytic activities promote aromatic clarity through high quality clarification.



  • Preserves aromas and colour from oxidation and the risk of premature ageing.
  • Strengthens the aromatic power of the wines by releasing aromatic molecules of the terpene type.
  • Enhances taste balance by emphasizing sensations of roundness and volume in the mouth.
  • Reduces bitterness.