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Natural wine fining

NEO® NATURA: The Natural Edge in Wine Fining


Product Overview: Introducing NEO® NATURA, our groundbreaking innovation in oenological products. Formulated with native proteins derived from yeast, NEO® NATURA presents a smooth and natural solution for wine fining, offering an effective alternative to traditional animal-based fining agents.


Key Benefits:

  • Ethical Choice: A vegan-friendly, allergen-free alternative to animal glue, aligning with modern ethical and dietary preferences.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Expertly clarifies white, rosé, and red wines, ensuring a crystal-clear appearance that’s visually appealing.
  • Taste Refinement: Targets and eliminates polyphenols, significantly reducing bitterness and enhancing the finesse of your wines.
  • Natural Process: Embraces the power of nature to fine wines, ensuring a pure and authentic taste experience.


Oenological Goals:

  • Offer a natural solution for wine producers seeking alternatives to animal-derived products.
  • Aid in the reduction of polyphenols, enhancing the sensory profile of the wine.
  • Diminish bitterness, refining the palate feel and overall flavor complexity.
  • Provide a clarifying agent that works across the wine spectrum, from whites to reds.