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Flotation, an ancestral practice, is a dynamic settling system whose principle has certain similarities to reversed static settling.

Flotation is a separation technique based on the differences in surface hydrophobicity of the particles to be separated. Much used in mineral processing to separate the minerals from each other and in wastewater treatment to remove fats, this ancient technique has proved its worth over time. Flotation first appeared in winemaking in 1987. Today, it is widely used in wineries and is highly suitable for musts that are very rich in deposits. This technique makes it possible to automate must settling with a very rapid separation of the solid and liquid phases.

For many years, Martin Vialatte has been carrying out research into the formulation and application of specific products for flotation processes. To find out more about this as well as Martin Vialatte’s products and materials dedicated to flotation, discover our technical brochure.